We are Moving

We won't have any Tonkinese kittens available for at least 6 months as we are in the process of selling our farm.
Please go to the NZCF Cat website for the contact details of all registered cat breeders in NZ.


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Treetops-Tonkinese are a small cattery on a large family farm located on the Kaipara harbour in Northland, New Zealand.

We dedicate ourselves to breeding well adjusted, people orientated Tonkinese kittens that will place themselves into your home and heart with ease. At Treetops-Tonkinese we love our kittens
as much as you will.

The choice to breed the Tonkinese was easy with the intelligence and confidence of the Burmese and the stunning looks and eyes of the Siamese, how could we just stop at one.

We now have a hobby that is a big part of our lives and gives us lots of fun.

Our cats are in our home, with their kittens  raised in a family environment with older kids, small dogs and the noises of everyday life.

We have been breeding Tonkinese cats for about four years and before that have had Burmese, Siamese, Cornish rex and an Abyssinian.

At Treetops Tonkinese we endeavor to breed good strong  healthy Kittens for pets and showing. Inquiries and visits to see the kittens are always welcome.

Want to learn more about our beautiful cats?


Treetops catterey started with just one chocolate tonk which we got from Colourfeild Catterery when we went to visit after losing our beautiful tabby.

As you can guess we came home with a little girl kitten which was named Narla and as you know you can't just have one Tonk.

This set us on a path to Treetops Tonkinese and we have been lucky enough to have had some beautiful kittens.

Now we have graduated to the next stage of breeding and have a passion to breed the best kittens for showing and pets.

We have established a solid base and a line of cats that are strong and have excellent temperaments.

We will build upon this with the help and support of Colourfeild and the cat clubs.

We go back to good lines of both Siamese and Burmese to start new lines of Tonkinese and breed kittens that are up to 4th generation.

We like to have our kittens at a stage where, when ready to go to their new home are confident and out going.

Our kittens are litter trained and have been on pine pellets but will adapt to new litter very quickly.

We have our kittens carry cage trained so they do not find travelling too stressful. We take them out often to get used to car noise and trips to the vet, etc.

Our kittens can be transported throughout the country and put on a airline from Whangarei or Auckland airports.

We can supply airport approved carry cages which come in 2 sizes for single kittens or to fit two kittens.
(Extra transport costs will be passed on to new owners).


Training & Transporting